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IMPORTANT: IDENTITY DISCLOSURE REQUIREMENT services are for legitimate groups, organizations, businesses or individuals. Our system permits you to gather information from visitors. For instance if you use our Feedback System you will be asking visitors to enter feedback including private contact information before they can post a feedback. These visitors are entitled to know the identity of those asking for the information and how that information will be used so they can determine for themselves whether the request is legitimate or fraudulent. We therefore REQUIRE that you provide us with FULL CONTACT INFORMATION so that we may POST this information and provide a link to this information for visitors. Furthermore we may encourage visitors to use the contact information to contact you before submitting any information if there is any question about the legitimacy of the request. Legitimate organizations and businesses will provide this information as a matter of course while fraudulent operators will find these requirements onerous. PLEASE DO NOT SIGN UP FOR OUR SERVICES IF YOU ARE UNWILLING TO DISCLOSE FULL CONTACT INFORMATION TO VISITORS.

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