Frequently Asked Questions
The following is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about our Findfeedback.comô Feedback System
  • What can I use the Feedback System for? allows you to receive feedback on-line and can be integrated into your existing website or used alone. It allows past customers/clients to enter feedback and potential customers/clients the ability to see the feedback.
  • Who should use the Feedback System?
    Any organization, club, business or individual who needs independant feedback or references as a way to provide potential customers with some assurance of quality of their service. For instance, if you are an independant contractor such as an electrician or framer you can easily use our system as a basis for references for potential customers/clients. Or if you are in the professional services such as an accountant or lawyer you can use our system to convince poential clients you have an extensive list of satisfied customers/clients. There are numerous other situations where this system may be useful.
  • How does it work?
    Basically there are four steps:
    A. You register. You register for our service.
    B. You enter identifying information Using our simple interface, you tell us your organizational information such as name and address
    C. Past customers/clients enter feedback Using our simple interface, you tell your past customers/clients to enter the feedback.
    D. Tell your potential clients/customers to view feedback. Your potential customers/clients can see past customer/client feedback. You can tell your users to go to the feedback Index Page URL...better yet if you have a web-site you can have a link from it to the feedback Index Page.
  • Can I delete feedback that are left by past customers/clients?
    No. To safeguard the integrity and reliability of the feedback we do not permit deleting or editing of the feedback.
  • Do I have to install software?
    No, it's all done on-line.
  • Can I use the service if I don't have my own web-site?
    Yes. Since you will be provided with the URL for your own customized Index Page where your users can go to view or add feedback, just tell users to go to that page.
  • How much does it cost?
    It's free (see our mission statement to understand why). In the future, we will be offering premium services for which there may a be a charge.

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